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A New Age of Barbering In Perth

A New Age of Barbering In Perth

Untitled-2Traditional mens barbering has seen a real renaissance in recent years with trendy barber shops cropping up on every street in London and Glasgow offering a new high standard of classic mens cuts. Local businessman Grant George at Badlands Barber soon realised that Perth was missing their own fine establishment and set about becoming the go-to barber in the city centre.

Having trained as a barber at the renowned SB Barbering Academy in Newcastle, Grant returned home to Perth to hone his craft. After cutting hair in his own home for a few months he opened Badlands for the first time. He could not have anticipated how the next year would have went.

hi Grant, it must be amazing to now have a huge shop with 4 chairs cutting all day, I remember when it was just you doing everything, how do you feel Perth has reacted to your business?

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.50.17Yeah its been crazy to be honest. Last July I had no idea how it would really go, I had identified a gap in the market but I had no idea if there was any real demand until I had actually launched. Within a few months I had to get someone else in to help deal with huge footfall we were experiencing and this new location has just taken it to another level again.

What is it that sets you apart from other barbers in the town and further afield?

I think its our attention to detail, but maybe you should ask our customers! We work hard to absolutely nail classic styles like fades, quiffs and partings but we also try to offer something different too. Its reached a point now where people are block booking their haircuts for every 4 weeks because we are so busy. I am incredibly lucky to be in this position and really need to thank the people of Perth for their continued custom.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.50.28What is next for Badlands?

Well we are now offering cut throat shaves. It might sound scary but it certainly isn’t! Cut throat shaves use a single blade to achieve the closest shave possible, its just not something your standard gillette can offer! We have a whole selection of beard oils too for those who would rather keep their beard. We try to listen to our customers demands and tailor what we offer to them, after all we wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without Perth and the people of Perth too.


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