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Kit & Kith – Promoting females in Business

Kit & Kith – Promoting females in Business

Kit & Kith C.I.C launches this November in a new and exciting EVENT, MARKETPLACE and COMMUNITY focused on women who have strived to create a new entrepreneurship with a healthier, happier, home-grown business model – resulting in outstanding services and original, covetable products.

Founder, Anna Wilson, like an expanding community of entrepreneurs, has embraced technology and redefined success on her own terms and set up the social enterprise alongside her integrated marketing and communications company Wild Grass Media to build this new culture of working women.

With a clear vision to support, promote and inspire working women, to change the mindset of working men and women all over the world and to achieve the perfect work/life/family balance Kit & Kith’s activities will be carried out for the benefit of women owned small to medium enterprises. Funding will be provided for marketing services and coaching for female operated start-ups. The objective is to offer an alternative to a corporate workplace, encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and new enterprises.

“Starting and running a business is becoming a deeply social and popular activity – not just a way to earn money but to express yourself and connect with others. There are many reasons to start your own business: maybe you relate to a sector because you built an experience through it, maybe you want to create unique experiences for people or add value to people’s lives or just maybe you’re driven to a sector because you feel compelled to change something, just as we hope Kit & Kith will”, says Anna.

The inaugural event on 27th-29th November will a contemporary event to showcase products, designs and services to the public while they enjoy some Christmas shopping and delicious food at the deli-style cafe. Kit & Kith is not your average event and website community; they are gathering business leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to exhibit, inspire and promote across multiple categories to cultivate a new and exhilarating woman’s economy and culture.

Anna continues, “We’ve got some wonderfully creative brands coming from delicious christmas favourites for the biscuit tin and stylish decorations and homeware to adorn your home to chic fashion, woollies and tweeds to stand out (and keep warm!) for all your festive social engagements whether you’re a town or country mouse”.


Event details: 

Friday 27th: 12pm-5pm

Friday 27th: 6:30pm-9pm (ticketed ladies event)

Saturday 28th: 10am-5pm

Sunday 29th 10am-5pm

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