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New charges and 15 minutes FREE for Council car parks

New charges and 15 minutes FREE for Council car parks

In response to feedback from the public and local businesses, Perth & Kinross Council has reviewed its parking structure in and around the City Centre. From January 11 2016, the Council will be introducing some changes to its car parks and on street parking provision.

Perth will become the first city in Scotland to recognise the ‘click and collect’ problem faced by shoppers, and as such will be introducing a policy that allows for 15 minutes free parking. This provision will apply to Council run car parks and on street parking, but drivers will still be required to display a valid ticket which will be issued free of charge.

The current parking zone will be split into three separate zones designed to a more tailored approach for visitors to the Fair City.

Zone 1 will encompass the Council’s parking provision between Mill Street, South Methven Street, Canal Street and Tay Street. Parking here will be limited to 1 hour at a flat rate of £1. Parking for up to 4 hours at a flat rate of £1 per hour will be available in the Scott Street Car Park, and all day parking will be available in the Canal Street Multi Storey Car Park – again at a flat rate of £1 per hour, with a maximum cost of £8.

Zone 2 stretches out to Marshall Place, Caledonian Road, Barrossa Place and also includes the Back Wynd Car Park in Bridgend. This zone will allow for a maximum of 4 hours parking at a flat rate of £1 per hour.

Zone 3 includes the South Inch Car Park, Shore Road, Edinburgh Road, St Leonards Bank and the On Street Parking on the east bank of the Tay along with the Norie Miller Walk Car Park. The parking in Zone 3 is for those looking for all day parking which will be charged at a flat rate of 50p per hour, with a maximum charge of £4.

It is hoped that these changes, initially being implemented on a trial basis, will encourage a higher turnover of parking within the City Centre while also catering for the leisure opportunities on offer.

Parking at Broxden and Scone Park & Ride sites will not be affected by the changes and will still provide a convenient bus service to the City Centre with free parking.

These changes do not affect privately run car parks within any of the new zone designations.

The Council will be collecting feedback on the changes to assess the effectiveness of the new provision. More detailed information, including a new Perth Parking Guide, will be issued soon.

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