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Perth’s newest and most exclusive gym opens it’s doors…

Perth’s newest and most exclusive gym opens it’s doors…

Club 300 only opened its doors around 4 weeks ago and is already going from strength to strength (no pun intended).

Club 300 is an exclusive gym and personal training facility that has something for everyone. What sets them apart from the rest is their unique approach to health and fitness, and what’s more, their exclusive facility will be open to only 300 members – hence the name. In the 4 weeks they have been opened they have had just over 80 people join. They are capping memberships once they reach 150 then it will be on a referral basis only so they can ensure their quality of service is not reduced and that current members have the opportunity to provide input into the club. The staff are motivational and friendly giving you that extra push when required!


We sat down with Mike Lindsay to find out more about this new business venture.

Mike, can you tell us a bit about the club?

“The ethos of club was to have somewhere more personal so that clients and partners of clients could come somewhere and feel we are talking interest in their personal fitness rather than just getting people through the door.  We felt that having 300 members join all at the same time would make it harder for us to get to know them all hence why we are staggering how many member we are taking on at one time. So now if anyone comes in we know all their names, when they 1st join we find out why they want to join and what their goals are. We work on the strengths we do have and teach all of our clients the correct techniques. Quality over quantity. Get the quality right then increase the intensity once we know it is right. So that they can achieve something and get over their lack of confidence in the gym or stop feeling self conscious going to a gym. It’s great seeing confidence growing week by week. That’s what this job is all about. The clients are buzzing because you release good endorphins by keeping fit and healthy. Creating something personal and exclusive.”



What sets Club 300 apart from other gyms and health clubs?

“Our USP is definitely our state of the art Octagon trainer. The Octagon is an industry leading rig from Escape Fitness. Not only is it aesthetically the best looking rig in town, but its cross-training functionality and simplicity makes you just want to get up and play on it!! It gives you a full cross-training workout.”

Who would you say Club 300 was aimed at?

“Club 300 will truly cater for everyone. What sets us apart from the rest is our unique approach to health and fitness and our exclusive facility will be open only to 300 members. Our ambition is to offer a modern, friendly and welcoming facility with free car parking to clients and members who prefer a community feel and personal service from our highly qualified and experienced staff.”



Club 300 in conjunction with mi Perthshire are offering one lucky winner a free month of membership.

Click Here to enter! 

Find out more about Club 300:




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