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Scots that have changed the world!

Scots that have changed the world!

Just over a week before the 90th anniversary of John Logie Baird’s first public demonstration of his now famous invention – the television (26 January 1926), VisitScotland has released an animation that illustrates how different the world would have been without Scottish innovators.

From the invention of television to the MRI scanner, ATMs to cloned mammals, toasters to the kaleidoscope, the two minute animation includes over 25 key Scottish innovations and developments that have shaped the world we live in today.

The film is being used by the national tourism organisation to promote the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, a 12-month programme of exciting events and activity, that will showcase Scotland’s position as an “innovation nation”.

Other inventions in the film, which was debuted at a special parliamentary reception last night, include: the flushing toilet, marmalade, incandescent light bulb, telephone, piano foot pedals, colour photography, criminal fingerprinting, the Kelvin Scale, vacuum flask, steam engine, first pedal bicycle and adhesive postal stamps.

It is hoped the animation, which will be promoted worldwide through social media will motivate visitors across the globe to visit the country that has inspired leading pioneers, inventors, creatives, architects, scientists and designers.

Helensburgh born innovator, John Logie Baird gave the world’s first demonstration of true television before 50 scientists in an attic room in central London on 26 January 1926. In 1928 Baird sent television pictures from London to New York by short-wave radio. He also demonstrated television in colour, and developed a video recording system which he called ‘phonovision’.

Malcolm Roughead, Chief Executive of VisitScotland said:

“Whether it’s the home of the Father of Television, or the city where marmalade was born, Scotland is full of innovation and invention at every turn. There are, of course, far too many inventions to fit into one short film, so we have picked a few of our favourites and I am sure there will be a surprise or two in there for those watching!

“From textiles to technology, architecture to fashion and design, the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016 will shine the spotlight on our greatest assets and icons, as well as our hidden gems. This is tourism’s opportunity to showcase Scotland’s traditional and contemporary icons and our cutting-edge design to the world.”

Tourism Minister Fergus Ewing said:

“In 2016 we are carrying forward the momentum from last year’s celebration of food and drink and will demonstrate our credentials as an innovation nation. From the Forth Rail Bridge to Dolly the Sheep we’ll show that Scotland’s creative, modern and inventive past, present and future can continue to inspire and influence audiences across the globe. I invite you all to enjoy the fantastic and diverse range of events on offer throughout the year.”

The animation was created by Scotland-based creative agency – Whitespace. Charlie Bell, Design Director at Whitespace said:

‘It’s a really exciting year for Scotland’s creative industries. And as a company working in a modern and very digital Scotland we are in awe of some of the amazing innovations that have come out the country down the years. The world literally wouldn’t be the same without us.’

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