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The Casual Guide To The 6 Nations

The Casual Guide To The  6 Nations

Welcome to our guide to the 6 Six Nations and all other rugby based events.  We will guide you through everything from the teams to the correct clothing and everything in between. Think of this as your hand book of holding a conversation with all those arm chair scrum halves out there.

-A bit of backgroud-

The six nations is an annual Rugby competition where 6 Teams compete against each other in order to win the tournament.  The position of each team is decided by a point system 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw. If one team wins all their matches they are also awarded a “Grand Slam”

-The Teams-







To get all the fixtures click here


Each team is made of 15 players with up to 7 substitutes allowed. The teams is then split into the “forwards” and the “backs”

The Forwards

The forwards consist of 8 players all of who could be mistaken for a shaven gorilla. They are the most physical players on the field that more often than do resolve most issues with head-butting, grunting and thumping.

The Backs

The remaining 7 players are the backs (fairies according to the forwards) they have a varying skill set that consists of either passing too much or kicking too much.  With the fullback (number15) occasionally springing to life with a death or glory charge.


-How to Act-

At a Friends

So you have been invited round to your friends to watch rugby, no doubt there will be others their too who will be desperate to flaunt their knowledge of the “gentleman’s game”

Seating options

1 – The Socialiser. This is definitley the least involved of the 2, positioning yourself on the sofa, you are more about socialising with the other couch goers and eating “nibbles”. For those not really wanting to watch Rugby but want to socialise this the position for you.

2 –  The Tryhard. You live and breath rugby and want the whole room to know.  As soon as the match begins you and the other likeminded guests will crowd around the TV normal a mere few inches away so you can point our mistakes, offside and everything else the “f***ing referee” should have picked up on.  If you are true rugby fan there is no better position to be, however to everyone else you are just a plain nuisance.

At The Match

Lights, Camera, Action! The TV camera are rolling and now it’s your time to shine!

Key Items

The Shirt –  There is not a more reliable way to show what side you are on than with the tried and true team shirt. Normally a bit worn round the edges from frequent use and quite possibly passed down from a relative the shirt is your number one priority. Bonus points for going shirtless and painting your body your nations colours.

The face paint –  One of the more versatile pieces of your arsenal, the face paint provides opportunity to go full out and coat your entire face in your nations colours, or on the other hand you could just stick to painting your emblem on both cheeks. Either way the cameras will love it.

The Stereotypical Props – The essential kit for top TV banter your stereotypical prop should be big, obnoxious and reinforce stereotypes that your nation embraces.

Props Per Nation

Scotland – sword, cheap kilt, see you jimmy hat.

England – cheap fancy dress knight armour.

Wales – Large Inflatable Daffodils., stuffed red dragon    

Ireland – Leprechaun Hat

Italy –  fancy dress centurion armour

France – Beret, Chicken Hats, Napoleon fancy dress.

You can also convert your national flag into a cape!

Down the local is often the best place to watch the 6 Nations the trapped anticipation of the crowd all eye raised skywards, the occasional “come one reff” muttered under bated breath before the inevitable cheer as your team crashes over to score. Pints go flying, your covered in a shower of alcohol and cheers. Your team did it they scored and possibly sealed the match. You are geared up for a night filled with partying as your team once again proven that it is better after a hard fought match.

Obviously if your team lose there is a lot less of the above and a lot more swearing, shouting and possibly more drink consumed in order to forget about this crushing defeat.

-Understanding the Commentator –

One of the corner stones of watching rugby is the commentator. They are the unsung hero who can’t be biased and will somehow talk throughout the entire match while offering insight into every play. However, once you have watched a few matches you start to pick up on some coded clichés.


“His tactical kicking  often keeps him out of  trouble “

He can’t pass

“His pace is deceiving”

I didn’t know he was that slow

“He plays with great tactical awareness”

He’s managed to avoid tackling anyone all afternoon

” They play a very committed type of rugby”

They’re the dirtiest bunch of thugs I’ve ever seen.

-Full Time-

Well everyone that seems to be everything, you should now be ready to face 6 Nations and any rugby situation thrown at you.

Thanks very much for reading! Who do you think will win this 6Nations? Let us know below

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