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Why not waltz into Arabesque for all your dancewear needs?

Why not waltz into Arabesque for all your dancewear needs?

Arabesque have been supplying the locals and dance schools of Perth for years. Sharon Colburn and her staff pride themselves on their product knowledge and excellent customer service. Sharon has lived in Perth all her life and her interest in opening Arabesque came from her love of dancing and her interest in the manufacturing and designing of shoes. She has visited numerous different factories and has a great relationship with her suppliers. Her experience and attention to detail brings carefully chosen ranges from leading manufacturers.

We sat down with Sharon to find out more about this great local business…


When did you open as Arabesque ad is there anything you would like customers to know about the business?


We started up in 1988 and it was originally just dance wear and that developed through the factories that made our pointe and ballet shoes that they then made our bridal shoes. In the 80’s this was a very small range. We have developed a lot of different dance footwear and garments with these suppliers and it has grown and grown. We are Pointe shoe fitters, there are not many left of us in Scotland. We do these fittings by appointment only. The Pointe shoes come in so many different shapes, sizes, widths, depths so it is important to spend time on getting the fit correct.

We do footwear and clothing for any type of dancing and gymnastic. We also have our bridal shoe side of things which is now a major player in terms of bridal accessories. Our shoes are made in various different places but our best are our handmade designs which are made in Italy and Spain. These are gorgeous and very unique. We do Designer days where the designers will come up to Perth and customers can meet the designers and get their shoes fitted by them.


Arabesque seems pretty famous for the premium leather dance shoes on offer from a variety of suppliers. Can you tell us more about this?


Our core business within dancewear is shoes  and we source technically clever shoes but also traditional ballet shoes. There are a host of different products out there at varying prices, we may not be the cheapest however our ballet shoes are brilliantly cut, high quality leathers and linings, elastic already stitched on…all the little things.

We also do professional dance shoes and Highland shoes. We have a factory in Scotland who makes our country dance pumps and we source leathers which are a little different. We can offer crazy leathers like snake print, black mirrored reflection and metallic to wear for more special occasions.


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